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Black Pepper Butter Steak Donburi

Black Pepper Butter Steak Donburi

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Want to have an affordable alternative to Wagyu Beef?

Presenting the HOKUBEE BUTTER Steak

Pure Australian Beef, tender and melt in your mouth

Marbling factor similar to an A5

Eat to believe...enjoy our LAUNCH PROMO price of $19 for a 200gm piece of premium steak and rice bowl!

Or $12 for a Mini Donburi, with a 100gm piece of premium steak instead

Charred and sliced, nestled on top of fluffy rice with Chef's Special Black Pepper Sauce, with a side of onsen egg & seasonal vegetables, Kizamo Nori, and Sichimi Togarashi

☆ Choose Original or Spicy Chilli Padi

☆ Serving size : suitable for 1 person