Collection: SUSHI : MAKI ROLL


A delicious innovative fusion of the Japanese Maki Sushi

Assorted Flavours, some with Arburi torched toppings!

Yaki Nori (seaweed sheet) rolled and filled with imported Japoni rice, seasonal fresh vegetables like carrots & cucumber, Tamago Dashi, premium ingredients like Unagi, Steak Slices, Chicken, Japanese surimi seafood salad, Ebiko, Ebi Fry, etc & Chef's Special Dressings.

Cut into 8 JUMBO slices

We also offer the FESTIVE MAKI SET : a mix of 2 sets of Jumbo Maki Rolls at a discounted bundle price! $21 for 16 jumbo pieces

And the MAKI SUSHI PREMIUM PLATTER : a mix of 3 flavours : 24 jumbo pieces! $32