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Collagen Tori Pai Tan Ramen/Udon

Collagen Tori Pai Tan Ramen/Udon

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Thick, creamy, luscious & umami-filled Collagen Tori Pai Tan broth (white chicken soup), served with imported Ramen/Udon (packed separately)....slow cooked to perfection....slurrrppp!!!! Oishiii!!!

Garnished with Onsen Egg, Bamboo Shoots, Edamame, sweet corn, narutomaki, honey cherry tomato, garlic chips, white sesame/goma, tobiko & your choice of Meat/Seafood, and 1 packet of seasoned Seaweed/Nori (4gm)


▪︎ Ramen or Udon

▪︎ your favourite meat/seafood

▪︎ Spicy or Original

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